Dragon Age Female Hawke Costume Part II

So I have been working on getting the rest of the arm armor done. Again, it’s made from sintra. I got mine from this site here… I work with the 3mm stuff, but they do have other thicknesses…



I tested my painting skillz on the claw part to see how it would go. Not sure if I like the coloring, so that may change a bit for the final version, but it’s a start. I used acrylic paint and coated it with spray Shellac.



Chain mail has definitely been the most tedious part of this costume. I purchased some cheap bolt cutters from lowe’s and a coil of 14 gauge wire to make the chain mail. I used two long ass hex bolts (one small one large) to wrap the wire around in order to make the different size rings.


Now onto the leather pieces! Feel free to leave comments, ask questions or give me suggestions!


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